#vBrownBag Presentation – What’s New in Horizon Suite

I have been a long time listener of the ProfessionalVMware.com vBrownBag webcasts. To date I think I have only missed 1 or 2 in the past 3-4 months. After raising my hand for the past 12 episodes and slamming @Cody_Bunch @sixfootdad & @Josh_Atwell on twitter, I was eventually given this opportunity to present.

Join us tonight at 8:30 pm EST for the presentation.

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Horizon Suite vBrownBag Presentation Slides

vPinterest – Pin & Share interesting stuff for Technology Nerds

So this idea came to me a few weeks ago. I was searching through my history, bookmarks, email, twitter, chat logs, and everywhere else trying to find a link to  blog post I found on some VMware topic. During this scrounging for a link I came across the Pinterest, maybe I was just distracted by shiny objects, but it got me thinking. What does Pinterest have that I might be able to use that Twitter and all of those other social media site don’t. Pinterest has the ability to categorize your “pins” instead of a huge dump of twitter and RSS feeds, and only follow the content you want from other people.

After some thought, I figured it might be worth some time to use Pinterest as a way to share bookmarks. Not just any bookmarks, images that grab your attention and then link to useful content I might need to reference later. As I started to create a few boards and pin a few images that Mike Laverick and I started talking about this and he helped me develop a few of the ideas. So here is what I came up with so far of different boards. I am sure this will change as I go along and find the right fit.

Automation – For links to PowerCLI commands and references

Virtualization – For all of those other useful items

vCommunity Board – I made this and gave a few of the experts I know already on Pinterest right to post here, feel free to add this and share. I am interested to see what happens.

Preferred Vendor List – This one is just images that link back to the home page of the company site. I might decide to turn this into a Vendor Login portal or support page.

Blogroll – Might as well link to some of my favorite blogs, Mike Laverick, for example among others I will build into this.

Books I had Autographed, because I am that cool – And by “Cool” I mean “Nerd” and so far all the books I favorite I also had autographed.

Tech Toys – Because every nerd needs to be able to defend himself from rubber band wars, and fly helicopters around the cubes

So, what do you think? Are us Technology guys and gals going to have a business use for this social media tool? If you think you are up for it, or at least want to follow what I decide to do on here, click the link below to get started.

Follow Me on Pinterest      

Image Pinning Tips

Use the Pin it button at the top of this link, easy to use unless you have to manually tweak the image.

If you are looking for an image on a blog that doesn’t have a photo at all, take a screen shot of the “best” part of the site and upload the Pin, then “Save” the Pin. After it is saved you can edit the pin and add a link to the actual site.

If the image exists but doesn’t show up, it is probably set as a background image. In this case, you can view the page source and pull the image out or view background image in Firefox works well too.

Another option is google. Do a google image search for a picture or image that would best represent the link, Pin the image as it appears on google, then go back later and edit the link in the Pin.